Email's from Billing Support area

Due to an issue with the ticket import system, that was fixed this evening, a bullk of emails came flooding in and tickets made, we have been throught all emails and closed them as the issues were dealt with and they have doubled up. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.  


Panda Host Team

9th Sep 2016
Minecraft Control Panel

Tonight we have updated out control panel for our minecraft servers.

16th Feb 2016
Pushover Notification

We would like to inform our clients you can now be notified via IOS/Android or desktop of the following: Push notifications allow you to be immediately notified about updates or changes to your web hosting billing account. Currently push notifications are supported for the following actions... New Invoices Invoice Paid Invoice ... Davamını oxu »

14th Feb 2016
Client area error's

We were notified this about the issues within side the billing area, these have now been resolved.

14th Feb 2016
PaySafe Card Issues

As some of you already know there was a few issues with RON conversions with paysafe. This issue should now be resolved.

12th Oct 2015
VPS 8TB ram bug

As some of you already know VPS ram was showing as 8tb, this is now  fully fixed and showing the right ram.

12th Jul 2015
VPS graphs!

I am happy to announce that if you own a VPS server with us your data graphs will know show under your product client area.

12th Jul 2015
Live Chat - Client area Live again

Live chat integration with the template is now redone, this is now fully working. Upon the update of the billing system, somethings needed to be updated. There a still afew things to be updated, but we are waiting on developer to update them, We will keep you posted on this.

10th Jul 2015
System Update

HI All,

We recently upgraded yesterday our billing system to a later edition, It seems a few issues have appread on doing so, they should now be addressed now. If you find anything else please let us know ASAP

10th Jul 2015
Approved as paysafecard partner

We are very pleased to announce that PaySafecard services are now fully active.

26th Jun 2015